Our Partners

The Pacific Northwest has deep roots when it comes to animal welfare and advocacy.

Founded in 1868, The Oregon Humane Society is the third oldest humane society in the nation and oldest in the west!  It started out as a rescue society for draft animals, and then the mission expanded to include companion animals and, until 1933, orphaned children.

Thanks to the hard work of our pioneers, a deep respect and understanding of the importance of caring for animals has been cultivate in our communities.  It is because of this culture, that the people in the Northwest are willing and able to do their part to save animals lives. With a long track record of fostering and adopting animals, communities outside of our area rely on us to save animals from high-kill shelters. Our dog rescue network depends on the services of A New Leash on Life to transport animals from animal control agencies and high-kill shelters into the arms of our rescue network where they will be fostered and adopted into their new forever homes.

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